Our process, from A to Z

We receive leads from all channels.

From e-mail to website enquiries, Facebook to API integrations, we accept leads from every channel. Connecting to Twigdoo is hassle free, and we support you every step of the way.

You choose your channels.

We respond within 5 minutes.

The perfect opportunity to reach out and engage with a lead is when they've decided to make an enquiry to your business. We make that first touch within 5 minutes, every time, as it is 21 times more likely to close.

We respond straight away.

We catch leads at the right moment.

Contacting a lead rarely means they’re in a position to act on it. They might be commuting, doing the school run, or just taking a break. Our technology identifies the perfect time to follow up, to ensure we catch them at the right time.

We follow up until the lead responds.

We nurture them until they're ready.

New clients aren’t always in a position to make an immediate decision. We routinely keep in touch to make sure that when they’re ready, you’re their obvious choice.

We schedule follow ups until the lead is ready.

We make sure leads are qualified and sales-ready.

Every business has its own unique requirements. Whatever they are, our 100% UK-based team checks against every single one.

We cross-check against the requirements you provide.

We send the qualified leads on to close the sale.

After the Twigdoo process, no questions are left unanswered. We pass the lead back to you so you can connect with your ideal clients. You’re able to make more sales faster and with less hassle. What’s not to love?

We send fully qualified leads on to your chosen destination with all the details you need.

And voilà.

Better leads. Less work.
More sales.

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