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We've spent hundreds of hours reading and watching guides on improving your cold sales emails and put our favourites in one place for easy reference.

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Email is still one of the most effective ways of winning new business, making new connections and promoting your business.

However, when it comes around to writing your emails suddenly you'll be struck with writer's block and you'll need some inspiration.

We have written our own guide on writing cold emails but we're not the only ones who have contributed to this topic area.

So, rather than trying to rewrite everything that has already been written before us, we thought it would be great to compile a list of every guide that we've found useful.

Email Playbooks

Email playbooks go further than just providing a few email templates by talking you through the methodology for crafting awesome emails. They're a much longer read but worth the effort if you're serious about upping your email game. We've created a list of our favourite ones.

Email Videos

If you prefer to watch a video on writing emails rather than reading a long guide then you are in the right place. We've watched hours and hours of guides and chosen the videos that we've found to be excellent.

Twigdoo favourites

We've read countless guides on writing email templates so we thought we'd collect a few that stood out to us.

Mention common interests you may have:

Keeping it super simple and short:

Mention the prospects collegue:

Show that you have done your research:

Don't be scared to be creative:

Relate to your prospect:

Warm up old leads:

Add value by sharing useful content:

Be cheeky by calling out yourself to the fact you are emailing cold:

Double ask if the standard answer is “no thank you” or “not interested”:

Talk about pain point (but don't badmouth) of the competitor company:

The breakup email, if nothing eles has worked:

Managed Email Campaigns

If you've soaked up all there is to know about writing awesome email campaigns and still would like somebody else to do it for you then you should consider Twigdoo's Managed Email Campaign Service.

We'll draft an email campaign targeted towards your contacts list, send the email campaign and qualify all engaged leads that come from the campaign. To find out more, pop your name below and we'll be in touch.

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