Where is your team based?

Every member of our team, including our expert qualifiers, are based in the UK.

How do you get my leads?

Sending leads to us is super easy. We will provide you with your own Twigdoo email address. You can put this email address into your lead generation platforms so we can recieve them directly or you can set up auto email forwarding. Just ask us if you need a hand.

How will you know what to say to my leads?

As part of your Twigdoo onboarding we will find out more information about your company such as:

  • Products and services you offer.
  • Pricing.
  • Any email templates you current have.
  • Your preferred tone of voice.
  • What counts as a qualified lead.
  • Any other requirements you may have.
How many times will you follow up with my leads?

We follow the best industry research that says you should follow up with sales enquiries at least 7 times to have the greatest chance of converting them.

What if I want to contact a lead you are working on?

If you’d prefer to take over a conversation, that is absolutely fine. All you have to do is let us know and we will handover the conversation back to you.

Will I have transparency of my leads?

We send a weekly update which details the leads we are working on and their status.

We are working on a dashboard that will allow you to log in and see your leads at anytime. This will be launched very soon!

What happens when a lead responds to you?

Once a lead responds, our team we will reply until we have successfully qualified it or disqualified it.

If we qualify the lead as a good fit we will pass the lead back to you to close.

How quickly do you follow up with leads once you've received them?

We make our first touch point within 5 minute of receiving the lead to increase the chances of that lead engaging with us.

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